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How Long Marijuana Remains in Your System

The period that weed will stay in your body is a complex topic.The primary reason is that there are tons of variables that you ought to consider. Also, the time weed will stay in your body is dependent on what way you are using to test. We shall now pay our attention to the saliva and urine test.

The urine test is the most common technique that is being used in testing the primary psychoactive compound THC in weed. The benefit of using urine test is that it is both cheap and you can be able to detect cannabis for a much longer period. Like many other tests, the urine test aims at determining if your system has THC-COOH.The presence of THC-COOH in your body means that your body has processed the THC-COOH recently.

The period it takes for cannabis to remain in your body is influenced mainly by how often you use marijuana. THC slowly builds up in your body over time since it is primary storage area is in your body fat. Regardless of the method you use in consuming weed, the duration of time it will take to be identified by the urine test is dependent on how often you smoke or eat the marijuana.

As a general rule, the more often you consume weed, the more likely THC will stay in your urine. Your body will most probably have traces of THC compound a month after you have discontinued using cannabis.Thus if you would wish to take a urine test, it is advisable that you take a test a month after you have stopped using weed.Well the other way you can use to temporarily clear THC in your system before doing a urine test is the use of tablets that remove the THC toxins.The only set back to this method is that it can only work for thirty minutes.

The Duration Cannabis Remains in a Consumer’s Saliva

If you are thinking of taking a saliva test, you might not be aware of how long weed can be detected in your system. Normally, THC lasts for a short time in saliva. More so, this drug testing method is commonly used by traffic police officers in testing drivers who may be driving under the influence of the drug. THC metabolites are detectable in saliva about 1 hour following weed intake and can still test positive in saliva up to one day even if it is your first time to smoke weed. However, the detection period of weed in regular users can reach up to 3 days following consumption.

For frequent users, they have to wait for at least one week before getting the saliva test since THC stays in the body for a long time.

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