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Hire an Experienced Attorney to Defend Against Police Brutality

The duty of every police officer is to help prevent crime and keep the people safe. The good thing is that many of our police officers have dedicated their lives to protecting the people. We owe the safety of our community to these law enforcement professionals.

However, although this can be said of a majority of police officers, there are also others who are not so keen about keeping their sworn duty of protecting the people, instead they violate the rights of law-abiding citizens. Police officers and their police department may be liable in cases when innocent individuals file a claim against them for brutality.

Sometimes police brutality can injury or even kill innocent victims and when this happens, you should seek the help of a police brutality lawyer who has knowledge and experience in police brutality and civil rights laws.

When police carry out their duties, they are actually given broad authority to carry it out. But there are limits to these powers. A police officer going beyond the limits of his authority and causing injury to individuals can be liable for police bruatilyt and abuse.

Below are some types of legal claims arising from police brutality or abuse.

When police officers carry out their lawful duties they can use force that are reasonable necessary. Reasons why the police attempted to stop or arrest an individual, the way the person responded to the police request, and the circumstances surrounding the encounter can actually lead an officer to use excessive force.

Police are only allowed to use force when necessary. Some situations when they are not allowed to hire, rough up or hurt a person is when the person is unarmed, when the person acts in a non-threatening manner, or when the person follows directions. Even if a person is aggressive, police must stop using force as soon as the individual is restrained. You can base your legal claim for excessive force if you injury resulted from force beyond what was necessary.

Any police officer who takes you into custody without any warrant or probable cause will be liable to false arrest. Probable cause is when the police officer actually saw the crime being committed or he suspects that you are about to commit one. A person can claim false arrest if the police lack legal jurisdiction to take you into custody.

You cannot succeed in your case by simply proving that the police officer was careless or negligent in his duty. The victim must have evidence that police knew they were acting in an unreasonable or unlawful manner, and intentionally caused injury. Policy brutality cases can only be handled by an experienced attorney. To make a proper claim, the attorney must investigate all the relevant evident and evaluate the circumstances surrounding the police conduct and the victim’s injuries.

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